Service description

  • Service concept

    Pay attention to detail and exceed expectations

  • Service philosophy

    Customer first, win-win cooperation

  • Service mission

    To provide customers with a full range of service solutions, to create the greatest value

  • Service standard

    Customer satisfaction is the sole criterion of our work

Service standard

The whole
The business scope of SDJK services covers the whole life cycle and the whole process (including the whole machine investment plan, provision and technical consultation, etc.) for customers, highlighting the service commitment
with all my heart
It embodies the purpose of "great service" of SDJK, takes the initiative to share customers' concerns,and wholeheartedly pursues the service concept of customer satisfaction (including corresponding service speed, service maintenance skills, customer maintenance cost, standard personnel attitude and value-added service to meet customers' potential needs), highlighting customer care.
The whole and with all my heart
At the same time, it also includes the purpose of "reliable bearing heavy trust" : because of the whole service, so reliable;Because all for you, so worthy of trust.