2m³ self loading concrete mixer



Rolling geometry capacity

3 m³

Rotating speed of drum

18 rpm

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  • 2m³ self loading concrete mixer

    Autoconcrete mixer is a type of multifunctional equipment that combines a transit mixer, a concrete mixer and a wheel loader. It can automatically load, measure, mix and unload a concrete mixture. Self-loading concrete mixer looks like a truck, and the operator can take it where it needs to go. It is very convenient for loading material such as cement, rubble, stone.


engine model Yunnei 4102 supercharged, 78Kw110 horsepower,

Drive axle Double wheel side double brake 10T wheel side reduction axle,

Gearbox 265 split gear 4 forward 4 rear

Tires 20.5/70-16 Tires

Dimensions 7300*2650*3750мм

Overall quality 5666kg

Maximum speed 30km/h

Maximum grade 30°

Fuel tank volume 75 liters

Total capacity of hydraulic system 75 liters

Water tank volume 500 liters

Rolling geometry capacity 3square

Rotating speed of drum 18 rpm


Widely used in residential buildings, rural roads, square buildings, workshops and other narrow hardened road construction vehicles. It can be set feeding, mixing in one, intelligent ingredients and feeding, and can be self-loading and mixing, is a real machine. Small, flexible, time-saving, labor-saving site!