How to judge the performance of a forklift?

For many customers, the use of forklifts is relatively simple, but the knowledge of forklift expertise is less.

Usually, everyone thinks that as long as the forklift is used for a long time, if the forklift does not break down frequently, it will perform well.

The performance is not only reflected in the two aspects of forklift, but also in the aspects of high efficiency, low cost, safety and reliability, ergonomics, high configuration and so on.


I. High efficiency


It mainly refers to the time it takes to complete a certain work and maintain the efficiency during this period. Many factors can improve the efficiency.


1. Driving speed, lifting speed, etc.


2. Ergonomic design makes the driver not easy to fatigue.


3. Drive with a wide view.


Second, low cost


This is the total cost of buying and using the forklift.


1. Initial procurement cost.


2. Later maintenance cost.


3. Ordinary energy costs.


4. Significant labor costs.


If the service life of forklift is long, the purchase cost is relatively low, and the maintenance cost is mainly reflected in the frequency of failure rate, while the quality failure rate of forklift is low, and its maintenance cost is correspondingly reduced.

Different types of forklifts have different energy costs, such as some electricity and some diesel.

Labor costs are mainly reflected in drivers' wages.

How to judge the performance of a forklift?