How do forklift shift gears?

Do you know how to shift the forklift?

The following series will introduce you.


Due to the different working conditions during the operation of the forklift, the shift is very frequent.

Whether the replacement can be done timely, accurately and quickly is closely related to extending the service life, improving work efficiency and saving fuel.


1, shift up


When a forklift switches from low speed to high speed, as soon as road conditions permit, the accelerator pedal is gradually pressed to increase speed, then the accelerator pedal is immediately lifted, then the clutch pedal is quickly pressed to put the shift lever in neutral.

Position, then lift the clutch pedal, then press down again to quickly push the shift lever into the upgrade position.


2, downshifts


When the electric stack switches from high to low speed, lift the accelerator pedal and press the clutch pedal to move the shift lever into neutral.

Then lift the clutch pedal, then press down the gas pedal, and then quickly press down on the electric stacker clutch.

When the shift lever is in the low position, release the clutch pedal and depress the gas pedal to keep the forklift moving at a low speed.


3. Matters needing attention when shifting gears


The clutch should be completely separated and the shift lever should not be too hard.

When in the opposite direction, the forklift must stop before shifting to avoid damaging the machine.

The gear must be changed in time according to the speed of the vehicle.

It is important to remember that forklifts cannot be used in low gear for long periods of time.

When holding the shift lever, the palm of your hand should be on the palm, and five fingers should be on the palm.

The ball is naturally held in your hand.

To operate the gear lever, both eyes should be forward, with the left hand holding the fast-rotating handle, while the right foot releases the accelerator pedal, the left foot presses the clutch pedal, and the right hand pushes or pulls the wrist and elbow accurately.

A gear has been selected.

Do not move the shift lever back and forth after moving it into neutral.

Do not move the head for examination.

Do not pull or push hard to avoid direction deviation or gear wear.

How do forklift shift gears?